Not Only Criticism
本文最后更新于 1593 天前,其中的信息可能已经有所发展或是发生改变。

> 我后半段在写啥啊qaq
> 写的一般,但是 grammarly 认为我可读性比纽约时报强?

Recently, the whole of society has been focusing on COVID-2019. We are all discussing the latest news about this kind of COVID. Frankly speaking, this outbreak demonstrates some deficiencies in allocating emergency facilities, government officials commanding and controlling. But the epidemic situation was promptly controlled due to the leadership of the Party Central Committee and the ard work of front-line personnel. Compared with other countries, China does best.

However, when I explore Qzone, I don’t see the opinions which deem China has done a good job in controlling the COVID. Instead, what I have seen is full of criticisms.

For a society, it is indispensable to have criticism and supervision. Nevertheless, it is pretty irregular that there are only criticisms. This makes me wonder that something is wrong with us. Whether we are too harshly?

I am studying the Chinese prose of the pre-Qin philosophers. The Confucians’ viewpoints about righteousness and profit have given me a great impression. I begin to experience the views of ancient sages more than 2000 years ago. I learn how to treat things dialectically, and how to remain a good mind when the negative things flood in.

In my opinion, this abnormal circumstance is mainly attributed to the impetuosity of society. We are supposed to find the sparkling points in our lives, rather than receiving too much negative information which makes us feel bad.

All in all, this society needs both criticisms and praises. Don’t be worry, if you’re wondering if this world is a complete mess right now, I’m here to say that it is not.


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