Kind Acts Make World A Better Place
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If you want your life to stand for peace and kindness, it’s helpful to do kind, peaceful things. One of my favorite ways to do this is by doing volunteer works. These acts of kindness are opportunities to be of service and reminders of how good it feels to be kind and helpful.

There are always volunteer works in my Community Service Center. I live in a small town. Most of what we see is the beautiful scenery of nature and a limpid river. And it is common for a farmer to raise crops near the river bank. One day, I got a volunteer work helping some farmers to gather in the crops because some riverside area would be taken over for use. I, together with other warm-hearted volunteers, had an unforgettable experience picking chilis, pulling on the radish and harvesting sugarcane. We took a lot of photos, which were meaningful for everyone. The farmers were also very delighted and presented us with some crops as a reward. We were all glad because we did what we thought was right.

Doing volunteer work is only one of the endless supplies of possible helping rituals. You might like holding a door for people, visiting lonely elderly people in nursing homes, or cleaning snow off someone else’s driveway. Think of something that seems effortless yet helpful. It’s fun, personally rewarding, and sets a good example. Of course, everyone wins. If we all do a small kind act, heaven will be a place on earth!


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