Chinese Actors Are Paid Too Much
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In China, we can easily find that some actors are paid too much but performing badly in a movie or a TV series. The price may reach millions of yuan, even higher if the actor is famous. I think this situation is not reasonable.

Why are the salaries for actors and actresses so high in China? As far as I am concerned, it is because of the profits of the entertainment industry mainly come from the popularity of actors and actresses. Audiences, especially the young generation, usually go to see a movie or a TV series for the famous actors and actresses they love. So the more well-known the actor is, the more money he will get paid.

High salaries have some bad effects. To win a lot of fans, the actors and actresses do not necessarily have to be skilled in performance. The beauty, the gossip, being controversial, whatever, only if he/she can catch the eyes of media and the public and get fans, he/she will be an actor or an actress. But there are also actors and actresses whose contributes and performance do worthy the salary. Some actors and actresses do charity with their own money, such as Gu Tianle and Han Hong. And there are producers, directors, and scriptwriters who also work for art not only for money. Sadly their salaries are even less than a tenth of a famous actor who does poorly in performance.

In my point of view, some Chinese actors are paid too much. The well-performing actors deserve more pay. As far as I know, Japanese actors are paid about the same as a company employee. All in all, an appropriate salary is necessary for every actor and actress!


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