Enjoyment Is Not Only Confined in Free Time
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There is a statement: “Enjoyment is only confined to our free time, and not work.” In my opinion, I don’t agree with it. Enjoyment is not only confined in our free time. When necessary, you can enjoy yourself when you are working.

Enjoyment can stimulate our interest in work. My Physics teacher, Mr. Jiang, who is a big joke maker, is a prime example. When he is teaching, he loves telling jokes. What’s more, He likes to make a connection between Physics law he teaches and the funny things he has met in his life. We all enjoy his class. More importantly, we have cultivated an interest in Physics. This teaching method has been proved effective. The classes he teaches are excellent in Physics, although he has spent most of time telling stories and jokes rather than teaching Physics. I think that is mainly because stories and jokes have inspired us. Physics is difficult sometimes, but we can try to solve the problems with sufficient confidence.

However, work can be more efficient if we take it seriously. My English teacher, Ms. Xu, is very strict with us. We are not allowed to talk in her class. She never tells jokes. Instead, she treats us with the highest demands. We dare not look up when she is going to ask someone to recite a paragraph in the book. As a result, we also set high demands for ourselves. So our English average score is always the first in grade.

Generally speaking, enjoyment is not only confined in free time. Enjoy when it’s time to enjoy. Both approaches have advantages. All in all, we should decide when to enjoy properly.


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