Small Act Big Kindness
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Hello everyone! My name is Lu Shuyu. I am very glad to stand here to give all of you a speech. Today I want to share a brief story that happened around me.

My grandfather, who is near 80 years old, is not a man who just stay at home all day and enjoy his garden life. Instead, he likes to manage a variety of kinds of things. So it is not strange to see him going to the government department to speak out his suggestions.

Not far away from our house, there was a primary school. Of course, a lot of residential areas were around the primary school. However, there was a small path full of dirt and stones, which seemed very unexpected, connecting the school and one of the areas. Unfortunately, we could sometime hear the bad news that some pupils fell on the ground. As a warm-hearted citizen, my grandfather decided to ask the government to solve the problem. He came up with a plan that the small path should be rebuilt and covered with cement. He even went to the government department and sought help from government staff. At last, the government accepted his plan. Since then, the parents of the pupils won’t worry about the risk of their children falling on the ground.

This seems to be a small act-just make a suggestion to the government, but it contains great kindness. If you’re wondering whether this world is a complete mess right now, I’m here to say that it is not. If we all do small kind acts, the world will be better than we see now.


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